Mr. Abdelaziz KARRAKY

Diplomas :

  • State doctorate in law ;
  • DSS in public finance.

University experiences and professional and social responsibilities :

  • Vice-Dean in charge of scientific research, cooperation and partnership – FSJES-Souissi ;
  • Professor in Political Science at Mohammed V University of Rabat ;
  • Member of the National Commission for Education, Science and Culture ;
  • Founding member of the ALIRFANE Center for Research and Studies in Social Sciences – Casablanca ;
  • Member of the Social Cohesion Research Team ;
  • Member of the Arab School for Research and Studies ;
  • Member of the Arab Network for the Study of Democracy ;
  • Founding member of the Moroccan Journal of Political and Social Sciences ;
  • Member of the rehabilitation committee of the old medina of Casablanca ;
  • Ex-director of the coordination and promotion of human rights at the Interministerial Delegation of Human Rights ;
  • Ex-expert with the NCHR in charge of supervising and monitoring the observation of the 2011 legislative elections.